Already in 2011 and 2013, Mareike initiated private aid projects in Haiti after a severe earthquake devastated large parts of the island in 2010. Mareike and her crew were on site with “SY Shaka” at that time and distributed relief supplies financed by private donations. Some remote areas were cut off from the outside world due to the destruction of the infrastructure and could only be reached by ship.

After two years on land, Mareike set sail again in 2019. Starting in Greece, she crossed the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic and reached the Caribbean once again at the end of the same year. Here she will try to start new aid projects and continue to expand her work as she moves to ever remoter regions of the Pacific. Again, the focus is to support children in need, wherever she drops anchor.

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Island Child Care – Hilfe für Kinder weltweit e.V.

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