Come on board! Join us for the new project aboard the “Moana”. You can support the work of our association for the planned aid projects in Dominica and Haiti by:

  • Membership (active or passive)
  • Help with organizational work of the association
  • Help with the organization of relief trips
  • Contribute by direct support on site, either by means of your own vessel or as supporting crew aboard the “Moana”
  • Financial support in the form of donations
  • Sponsoring

Independent of where you are, there is a way to support our association. We are a colorful team of people with different
professions, most of which live in Hamburg, Germany (the association’s headquarters). We are connected to the
international sailing community try to expand our global network. For help, information and coordination just contact a
member of the association’s board of directors directly.

There is enough room for new ideas and projects within our association and each member can take on the tasks that suit her
or him most. By distributing the work among many competent supporters we can get a lot of work done together!

Do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form.


Island Child Care – Hilfe für Kinder weltweit e.V.

Dachsberg 42
22459 Hamburg